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2012 Calendar

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas to all of you!!
Our 2012 calendar is ready and this year the proceeds from the contributions will go to help our children in Guatemala. We hope you can help us!! The price for each calendar is $20 and we accept checks, credit cards or cash. Please send your donation to address below and please also do not forget to send your mailing address if you would like to receive a hard copy of the 2012 “Children of Guatemala” Calendar. We thank you for your help and support.  Sponsor-Us Inc.
Hola a todos y Feliz Navidad para cada uno!!!
Nuestro calendario 2012 está listo y este año las contribuciones serán para ayudar a los niños de Guatemala. Esperamos que puedas ayudarnos!! El precio por cada calendario es de $20 y aceptamos cheques, tarjetas de crédito o efectivo.  Por favor envía tu donación a la dirección que se encuentra abajo y por favor no olvides enviarnos tu dirección postal si tú decides recibir un catalogo físico del 2012 “Niños de Guatemala”. Te agradecemos por tu ayuda y apoyo. Sponsor-Us Inc.
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Thanksgiving 2011

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Quien ha encontrado un amigo, ha encontrado un tesoro

Quien ha encontrado un amigo, ha encontrado un tesoro, Y yo te he encontrado a ti…
Quien ha encontrado un amigo, ha encontrado un tesoro, Y tu me has encontrado a mí…
Encontré a Jesús por ti!
ApostolKids Colombia – Cristianos Católicos

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Mission Trip Guatemala

This last week I had the opportunity to accompany my friend Pastor Byron Dardon on a Mission Trip to Guatemala. We left at about 6:30am July 12, 2011 from West Palm Beach en route to the airport of Miami for a 10:45 flight to Guatemala City. A two hour flight where I also saw my first illegal alien being escorted to the plane by two sheriffs. We arrived in Guatemala City and spent the rest of the day getting organized for our trip which was to last until July 18, 2011. Our itinerary included: San Jose La Arada, Chiquimula, San Pedro De La Huertas, San Jose Manzana in Santa Catarina Pinula, Aldea Los Ocotes, Guazacapan, Santa Rosa and Guatemala City.

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Uploaded by  on Mar 7, 2011 – Guatemala has become an epicenter of violence in Central America, and violence against women in particular has hit record levels. Ray Suarez and the NewsHour’s Global Health Unit have the first of two reports from Guatemala with a look at programs aimed at stopping a long history of domestic violence. Read the transcript:

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Guatemala Massacre Comes With Chilling Message

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Guatemala has declared a state of emergency after 27 people were slaughtered at a cattle ranch over the weekend. The killers, believed linked to Mexico’s Zetas drug gang, left behind a warning scrawled in blood on a building wall. (May 17)

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